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Trails in the Gorge


Ritchie Hollow Trail

The Ritchie Hollow Trail will be CLOSED for Prentice Cooper Wildlife Management Area hunts on these dates: Sep. 21-27, Oct. 3-5, Oct. 19-20, Oct. 24-26, Nov. 1-3, Nov. 23-28

The Ritchie Hollow Trail is an approximately 2.7 mile trail (one-way) that ties the Tennessee River to the top of Suck Creek Mountain and the Davis Pond parking area and campsite on Prentice Cooper State Forest. The trail also crosses the Cumberland Trail system’s Pot Point Loop 2.2 miles from the lower trailhead parking area. 

Full trail map here. 

Pot Point Nature Trail

The Pot Point Nature Trail is a 4.1 mile loop trail featuring a mature hardwood forest, a path through the Trust's butterfly garden, and a long stretch near the Tennessee River. 

Full trail map here.

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Stringer's Ridge Trails

Stringer's Ridge is a 92-acre urban park located in downtown Chattanooga. The ridge contains 3 trail loops, totaling 10 miles of trails. 

Full trail map here.

Prentice Cooper Trails

Only 10 miles west of Chattanooga, and popular for hunting, climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, hiking, and trail running, Prentice Cooper is an absolute gem. 

Full trail map here.

Signal Mountain Trails

Experience the beauty of the Cumberland Trail, punctuated by magnificent views of the Tennessee River Gorge. 

Full trail details here. 

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Directions through the Tennessee River Gorge

By Water

The Tennessee River Gorge falls within the Tennessee River Blueway, a river trail formed by TVA in the 1930s that runs for 45 miles from Chickamauga Dam to Nickajack Dam. The best information for traveling on the Tennessee Blueway is located at Canoe Tennessee's website. 

Head over to Outdoor Chattanooga's website for tons of information on exploring the Gorge via water.

By Car

(from downtown Chattanooga)

Approximate Travel Time: 1.5-2 hours

Take US-27 North over the Tennessee River and travel 1-2 miles to the Signal Mountain Road exit (US-127 North). Turn right toward Signal Mountain.  At the base of Signal Mountain, at the intersection of US-127 North and Highway 27 West, turn left onto Highway 27 (Suck Creek Road directly across the street from Subway). 

Travel exactly 4 miles on Suck Creek Road.  After you pass “The Little Store” on your left, you will take the next left onto River Canyon Road. There may not be a road sign here.  Travel on this road for several windy miles (30-45 minutes depending on your pace) – always keeping the river on your left. 

After about 4 miles on River Canyon Road, you will come to the Trust's Pot Point Cabin on your left.  A parking area will be on your right.  Stop here to take in the view of the river from this beautiful spot or hike our self-guided nature trail (a 4.1 mile strenuous loop).  Hikers are welcome at any time, although fall through spring is the nicest time to hike the trail.  Be careful insects and wildlife during the summer months.

Shortly after the cabin, River Canyon Road becomes Mullins Cove Road.  Continue about 15 miles until you get to E. Valley Road (TN-27), located just beyond Ebeneezer Presbyterian Church.  Turn left.  Follow TN-27 South and cross Highway 41.  Stay straight until you come to I-24.  Take I-24 East towards Chattanooga.  

Alternatively, for a more scenic drive, follow TN-27 South and turn left onto Highway 41 South towards Chattanooga.  If you have extra time, turn right off of Highway 41 South onto Raccoon Mountain Road to take a detour to TVA’s Pumped Storage Facility at Raccoon Mountain.  It is a site to behold, and there are great views of Chattanooga and the River Gorge from several of the scenic overlooks.  You could easily leave an hour or two to drive around this impressive compound and get a number of pictures of the Gorge.  

Approximately 2 miles after the Pumped Storage Facility, you will come to I-24.  You can either go west toward Nashville or east toward downtown Chattanooga.

At TRGT, we want our community to get outside on the trails. That is why we create and maintain public trails while also partnering with other organizations to improve access to trail systems in the Tennessee River Gorge. To help us continue this important work, please consider donating below.

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