The Trust has three research projects running simultaneously: our Worm-eating Warbler Survey, our Long-Term Bird Monitoring and Inventory Program, and our Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment. Meet the crew conducting this awesome research.

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Dave Jacobs Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

Originally from Vermont, Dave attended Johnson State College and received a BA in Outdoor Education. Dave is currently working on his MS in Conservation Biology. Dave has performed trail mapping and planning for the University of Maine and produced burn unit maps for Acadia National Park. In his spare time he enjoys riding mountain bikes, hiking, strong coffee and futzing around the woodshop. Above all else, Dave prefers taking in a good day outside! 

Holland Youngman Worm-eating Warbler Survey

Holland is a native of the South Carolina coast, and a graduate of Clemson University. She has enjoyed working environmental conservation jobs in Wyoming, Mississippi and Texas; and recently left her position with the SC Department of Natural Resources in Charleston to move to Chattanooga. She is thrilled to be here, where she will pursue her Masters of Environmental Science degree at UTC while working with the TRGT conducting Worm-eating Warbler research.  

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Lizzie Diener Long-term Migratory Bird Monitoring, and the Louisiana Waterthrush Geolocator Project

Lizzie was born in Kansas, where she got an early start outside when she graduated from high school a year early to thru hike the Appalachian Trail in 1999.  She started her avian field career as a volunteer on several projects, including one in Florida looking for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, where she met John 7 years ago.

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John Diener Long-term Migratory Bird Monitoring, and the Louisiana Waterthrush Geolocator Project

John grew up in Rainbow City, Alabama and was introduced to the outdoors by his father, uncles, brother and childhood friends. He graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Wildlife Science in 2002. John has been working as a seasonal avian biologist for the last 10 years.  

Since then, John and Lizzie have had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects together across the US and the world, including Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, Russia, and now the Tennessee River Gorge! In their travels they have worked for many different agencies including The Wildlife Conservation Society, The Nature Conservancy, Biodiversity Research Institute, The US Fish and Wildlife Service, and several Universities.  They have recently made Chattanooga their home base, and will be running the banding station for TRGT.