Pot Point Blueway Camping

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Camping Application (below)

To apply for a permit to camp at Pot Point or Williams Island Blueway Campsites, please fill out the form below at least one full business day before you plan to camp. You will be emailed a permit. Please call 423.266.0314 or email info@trgt.org during normal business hours with any questions. 

Rules for Camping at Pot Point

The campsite at Pot Point is maintained by the Tennessee River Gorge Trust, as a convenience to visitors. Please help us maintain this site.

*Camping applications are at the bottom of the page*


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1.     The Pot Point campsite is a first come first serve boat-in and walk-in site only. Be aware that it may flood during flood events. Here is the Pot Point Campsite Map.

2.     Access from River Canyon Road:

It is located approximately 0.6 mile from the Pot Point Nature trailhead at 17805 River Canyon Rd (Google Maps refers to the road as Mullins Cove Rd). The campsite is upstream of the recent landslide where the road is one lane, and is marked by a wooden Trail Sign on the river-side of the road.

Please park on the road only to load and unload your camping supplies, then park overnight at the Pot Point Nature trailhead gravel parking lot. It is a 15-minute walk back to the campsite on the trail or the road.


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3.     Access from the TN River:

Campsite is approximately at 448 river miles, past the Pot point cabin and PAST the volleyball net on river right. There is a Blueway sign to mark the campsite.

4.     Pack It In, Pack It Out.  Please be a good steward and follow the Leave No Trace principle.

5. Please bring your own firewood. Refrain from collecting firewood at the site because:

Forest litter provides food and habitat for many insects, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and even microorganisms.  If every camper collected firewood, there would not be any left for it to perform its ecosystem functions.

6.     Please do not dump non-water liquids or wash anything directly into the Tennessee River or its tributaries.  If possible, please dispose of liquids well away from the campsite and river, at least 200 feet away if possible. If interested, consider using small amounts of environmentally friendly soaps. 

7.     Please keep lights dimmed and noise low after 10 PM.  Be courteous to the other campers. 

8.     Carry a copy of your permit with you (i.e. your confirmation email).

9.     To report illegal activity, contact: 

For Williams Island - Hamilton County Sheriff's Office at (423) 622 - 0022
For Pot Point - Marion County Sheriff's Department at (423) 942 - 2525

Link to the Blueway map in case you need further details: Blueway Map

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the campsites pet friendly?

Absolutely! Feel free to bring pets on your camping adventure.

Where can I rent canoes/kayaks?

Check out Canoe Kayak Chattanooga at https://www.canoekayakchattanooga.com/

How long does it take to paddle to the campsites?

This will depend on your launch site, boat design, experience, and your paddling orientation (upstream or downstream). In general, a rough estimate would be that average paddlers can expect a single river mile to take 15-30 minutes. Longer, faster kayaks will be on the faster end, while large canoes may be on the slower end. Also, be sure to check TVA’s Chickamauga Dam release schedule at https://www.tva.gov/Environment/Lake-Levels/Chickamauga (for reference, 20,000 cfs is slower moving current, 50,000 cfs is moderate/strong current, and 70,000 cfs is very strong current).

Do I have to pay to camp?

Nope, the campsites are free so everyone can get out and enjoy the Gorge! But of course, feel free to make a donation to TRGT so we can continue to manage these campsites for the public at www.trgt.org/donate!

Can I access the campsites by land?

The Pot Point Campsite is accessible by land (see directions on the Pot Point Camping page), but William’s Island is only accessible by boat.

Directions to Pot Point Blueway Campsite

By Water

The Tennessee River Gorge falls within the Tennessee River Blueway, a river trail formed by TVA in the 1930s that runs for 45 miles from Chickamauga Dam to Nickajack Dam. The best information for traveling on the Tennessee Blueway is located at Canoe Tennessee's website. 

Pot Point campsite is located at river mile 447.7 on the right side of the river with a downstream orientation. Check the RN River Blueway map below for “Pot Point Primitive Campsite.”

Head over to Outdoor Chattanooga's website for tons of information on exploring the Gorge via water.

For those launching from the Suck Creek Boat Ramp, the Suck Creek Boat ramp is located on Suck Creek Road 2.2 miles after the turnoff from HWY 127 (Signal Mountain Rd). The Suck Creek boat ramp is located 5.6 miles upstream of the Pot Point campsite.

By Car

(from downtown Chattanooga)

Approximate Travel Time: 30-45 minutes

Take US-27 North over the Tennessee River and travel 1-2 miles to the Signal Mountain Road exit (US-127 North). Turn right toward Signal Mountain.  At the base of Signal Mountain, at the intersection of US-127 North and Highway 27 West, turn left onto Highway 27 (Suck Creek Road directly across the street from Subway). 

Travel exactly 4 miles on Suck Creek Road.  After you pass “The Little Store” on your left, you will take the next left onto River Canyon Road. There may not be a road sign here.  Travel on this road for several windy miles (15-30 minutes depending on your pace) – always keeping the river on your left. 

After about 4 miles on River Canyon Road, you will come to the Trust's Pot Point Cabin on your left.  A parking area will be on your right.  Stop here to take in the view of the river from this beautiful spot or hike our self-guided nature trail (a 4.1 mile strenuous loop).  Hikers are welcome at any time, although fall through spring is the nicest time to hike the trail.  Be careful regarding insects and wildlife during the summer months.

The campsite is located approximately .6 mile from the Pot Point Nature trailhead at 17805 River Canyon Rd (says Mullins Cove RD on Google Maps). The campsite is AFTER the recent landslide (if coming from Chattanooga) where the road is one lane, and is marked by a wooden TRAIL sign on the left.

Please park on the road only to load and unload your camping supplies and park overnight at the Pot Point Nature trailhead gravel parking lot. It is a 15-minute walk back to the campsite on the trail or the road.