Advanced Bird Banding Course.png

Advanced Bird Banding Course

When: September 27-30 (arrive night of the 26th)

Where: TRGT's Bird Observatory just outside of Chattanooga, TN

Instruction: Instruction provided by the Institute for Bird Populations  

Costs: $950 per participant

Meals included from breakfast September 27th through lunch September 30th and access to all site amenities (see below)

To register, email or call (423) 266-0314. Remember to reserve your spot quickly because they fill up fast!

Course Description:

This advanced bird banding course is designed to fine tune banding skills and advance comprehension of using molt strategies and plumage to age and sex birds in hand. Our classes are very individualized and cater to the level of the participants. Feel free to come with specific questions and particular skills you'd like to improve on! Participants are expected to have proficient skills in net extraction, bird handling, and banding. For more information, email or call (423) 266-0314.

Participants will arrive late afternoon on September 26th to prepare for a banding session at sunrise on the 27th. Banding will occur each morning, followed by lunch, then lectures and lessons by the certified IBP instructor. Group dinners and free time will follow the afternoon lessons. The class will conclude on 3:00 PM EST on Sunday September 30th. 


The Bird Obsevatory is a remote research facility deep in the Tennessee River Gorge. The site is accessible by a 4x4 road or boat. Amenities included: two open-room cabins with bunk beds, camping platforms, well-maintained composting privy, shower platform with heated water, potable water stations, running non-potable water in cabins and bathroom, two generator hook-ups, outdoor tables, designated cooking area, fire pits and group seating, open walled canopy tents, bird banding laboratory, 2+ miles of trail, and water access to the Tennessee River. 


Participants can stay in one of our open-room bunk cabins or tent platforms. 


Meals will be included from breakfast September 27 through lunch September 30.


A well-maintained composting privy and shower platform with heated water is available for participants on the site. Potable water stations will be set up throughout camp and running non-potable water is available in the cabins and bathroom.


There will be two generator hook ups to supply lighting and device charging capabilities.