Williams Island Blueway Camping

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Rules for Camping at Williams Island

Campsites at Williams Island are maintained by the Tennessee River Gorge Trust, as a convenience to visitors. Please help us maintain these sites.


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1.     Williams Island campsites are boat-in only and are first come first serve. There is a small dock across from Baylor School to load and unload, and there is a boat storage rack above the set of stairs.  Williams Island Campsite

2.     Pack It In, Pack It Out.  Please follow Leave No Trace principles.

3.     BRING YOUR OWN FIREWOOD.  Do not collect firewood.

Forest litter provides food and habitat for many insects, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and even microorganisms.  If every camper collected firewood, there would not be any left for the forest.

4.     Please be respectful of the organic farm and cattle on the island.

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5.     Do not dump liquids or wash anything in the Tennessee River or its tributaries.  When washing your hands or dishes, please carry water well away from the campsite and river, at least 200 feet away if possible, and use small amounts of environmentally friendly soaps (see list below).  Many soaps can harm wildlife, and soapy water can pollute our waterways and groundwater.  

Examples of environmentally friendly soaps:

Dr. Bronner's brand                                                    
Castile-based soaps like Kirk's Castile
Wilderness Wash by Sea to Summit
Campsuds with Citronella, Lavender, or Peppermint oils 

6.      Lights out, Noise out at 10 PM.  Be courteous and do not disturb other campers. 

7.      Carry a copy of your permit with you, i.e. your confirmation email. 

8.     To report illegal activity, contact: 

For Williams Island - Hamilton County Sheriff's Office at (423) 622 - 0022
For Pot Point - Marion County Sheriff's Department at (423) 942 - 2525

Llink to the Blueway map in case you need further details: Blueway Map

Directions to Williams Island Blueway campsites

By Water

The Tennessee River Gorge falls within the Tennessee River Blueway, a river trail formed by TVA in the 1930s that runs for 45 miles from Chickamauga Dam to Nickajack Dam. The best information for traveling on the Tennessee Blueway is located at Canoe Tennessee's website. 

Head over to Outdoor Chattanooga's website for tons of information on exploring the Gorge via water.

Camping Application

To apply for a permit to camp at Pot Point or Williams Island Blueway Campsites, please fill out the form below at least one full business day before you plan to camp. You will be emailed a permit. Please call 423.266.0314 or email info@trgt.org during normal business hours with any questions. 

***Fire restrictions have been lifted as of 12/15/16, but please be aware of the dry conditions and don't leave your campfire unattended. 

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