Ritchie Hollow Trail 

*********The trail will be CLOSED on the following dates due to hunting on the Prentice Cooper State Forest: April 3-8, 11-13, 19-21, 24-29. This means you CANNOT hike on the trail on these dates. You can however, hike on the Pot Point Nature Trail anytime of the year and the parking is the same as the Ritchie Hollow Trail. If you'd like to still hike in the River Gorge during that time, check out the Pot Point Nature Trail! 

The Ritchie Hollow Trail is moderately strenuous, 2.2 miles one way (4.4 miles round trip), with over 1,000 feet of elevation gain and passes a 30-foot waterfall called Blowing Wind Falls. The unique trail meanders through a mature hardwood forest and passes many historic moonshine stills. It is one of only a few trails that connect the Tennessee River with the Cumberland Trail system at the top of the mountain (more specifically the Pot Point Loop Trail). 

Park at the gravel parking lot across from the Pot Point Cabin at 17805 River Canyon Rd, Chattanooga, TN, 37405 and access the trailhead just above the parking lot. 

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 Blowing Wind Falls by Audrey Nord

Blowing Wind Falls by Audrey Nord

The Trust wants to give the Chattanooga community more access to the beautiful lands in the River Gorge. By connecting more people to the outdoors, we can then build the capacity for community conservation. To understand the importance of conserving our wild lands you must first get to know them.

The Ritchie Hollow Trail was built with local partnerships. We built the trail, but it is on Prentice Cooper State Forest. We are able to build trails on their land because of a Memorandum of Understanding we have with them. We received grant funding from Rock/Creek, the Riverview Foundation, and the Benwood Foundation to hire the Southeast Conservation Corps to build the most technical sections of the trail. We built the rest of the trail with volunteers from the community including Rock/Creek, the Chattanooga Hiking Club, and TVA